All Year 7 students visit Aylesford Priory for a retreat day in Term 1. This is a further opportunity for students to form strong relationships with peers and staff in and to explore faith from a Catholic perspective. Students from all faiths attend this annual retreat day. They are encouraged to ask questions about their own and their peers’ faith. This is an opportunity for spiritual growth, reflection, and worship.

Students are tasked with completing a booklet to reflect their experiences of different aspects of the Priory. These relate to its historical information, the main shrine, the uses and relevance of the smaller chapels, the Peace Garden and Rosary Walk. Special attention is paid to relics, artwork and the significance of other sacred objects and architecture. The day begins with a welcome Mass for all students and staff. Parents/carers are also invited to attend, so that they can also be welcomed to our school community.

Annually, we also take our Year 12 and 13 students to visit Aylesford Priory. This day enables students to take part in a Communion Service, and to debate real-life ethical issues that would affect them, regardless of their faith.



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