All students in Year 7 and Sixth Formers go on retreat to Aylesford Priory.

Year 7 Aylesford Priory Report (September 2018):

On the sunny day of the 28th of September, Year 7 travelled to Aylesford Priory for their spiritual retreat. Students were able to learn about the history and importance of the priory, which dates back to the 13th century. Father Baker celebrated a Welcome Mass for the new Year 7 members of the St John Fisher community. The day included time spent touring the site, completing booklet tasks that developed their knowledge and understanding of the Priory. Students also had opportunities to reflect on faith and learn what daily life at the Priory might include. Students have reported back to the Religious Education department saying: ‘It wasn’t what I thought it would be, I really enjoyed the day!’ and ‘I enjoyed learning about the art and the buildings.’ The event supports the RE termly homework project about Aylesford Priory and its importance as a place of pilgrimage.