Fixtures and Scores (St John Fisher score always written first).


Boys Football:

Date Year 7 Year 8 Year 9 Year 10 Year 11
Monday 11th September   Hundred of Hoo


Thursday 14th September       Brompton Academy


Monday 18th September Leigh Academy   1-4        
Thursday 21st September          
Monday 25th September Hundred of Hoo


Tuesday 26th September     The Victory Academy


Thursday 28th September    Malling School


Tuesday 3rd October The Howard School


Thursday 5th October Greenacre 4-4


Tuesday 10th October Robert Napier 2-2


Tuesday 17th October   Strood Academy


Thursday 19th October       Thomas Aveling


Monday 6th November         St Paul’s (Away)
 Tuesday 12th March      Strood (Home)    
Thursday 21st March   Thomas Aveling (Away)      







Girls Football:


Date Year 7 Year 7 and 8 Year 8 Year 8 and 9 Year 9 Year 9 and 10 Year 10 Year 11
Tuesday 19th September   Leigh Academy (A) 2-4            
Monday 9th October Maidstone Girls Grammar


     Fort Pitt  0-17        
Wednesday 11th October                
 Monday 16th October    Fort Pitt 0-12            
Monday 19th February   Thomas Aveling (Home)            
Tuesday 20th February           Rainham Mark (Home)    
Monday 26th February   Rainham Mark (Away)            


Date Year 7 Year 8 Year 9 Year 10 Year 11
Tuesday 10th October Thomas Aveling   3-6        
Monday 16th Oct   Walderslade Girls 1-2 Walderslade Girls 4-1    
Tuesday 7th November   Hundred of Hoo (Home) Hundred of Hoo (Home)    
Tuesday 21st November   Rochester Grammar (H) Rochester Grammar (H)    
December 19th Robert Napier (Home) Robert Napier (Home)      
Tuesday 16th January Rochester Grammar (Away)        
Tuesday 23rd January     Robert Napier (Home)    
Tuesday 27th February Thomas Aveling (Home)        
Tuesday 5th March Fort Pitt (Home)        



  Year 7 and 8 Year 9 and 10
Monday November 20th   Hundred of Hoo (Away)
Monday December 4th Hundred of Hoo (Home)  


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