Examination Information for Students and Parent/Carer(s)

On this page you will find information relating to internal and external examinations. Copies of letters, PPE and public examination timetables, student handbooks and useful qualification information can be found here. Click here for additional information regarding the qualifications and awarding bodies.

The JCQ (Joint Council for Qualifications) and awarding bodies provide information for candidates on the rules and regulations they must follow while completing their qualifications. It is important that students at St John Fisher are aware of and adhere to these rules at all times. The JCQ and awarding bodies take breaches of regulations, which would be seen as malpractice, very seriously. Incidents of malpractice will be reported to the awarding bodies and will likely result in disqualification from the subject. In some cases, candidates have not only been disqualified from the subject for the malpractice involved, but also from all subjects completed or yet to complete. This would have a detrimental impact on your future prospects and continuance in education.

Students at St John Fisher are given JCQ notices at the start of their course in Year 10 or 12 and again in Year 11 and 13. Students need to read and understand the documents below to ensure they do not commit any act that will be seen as malpractice.

Dealing with Exam Stress.

Here are some short YouTube videos, prepared for students, that give some guidance of how to deal with exam related stress.




(Please note, these videos are provided from a 3rd party provider)


Please scroll down this page for the links to electronic copies of the JCQ notices.

When students are given their timetables for public examinations taken in November, January and Summer, they should be read alongside any letters explaining the arrangements for their examinations. Non-examination assessments will usually take place with the teacher, who will make candidates aware of the level of control and any additional rules and regulations that candidates must follow.

Every school or exam centre has a nominated examinations officer who is responsible for overseeing the exams taking place. The examinations officer is not only there to ensure rules and regulations are adhered to at all times, but to help parents and candidates with any problems that they may have during exam time. You can contact our examinations officer by telephone or email via the contact details below. It is also important to point out that all centres have a centre number. Candidates should learn this as they will need to include this on the front of all of their exam papers.

St John Fisher Catholic School
Examinations Officer Mrs E. Fisher
Telephone number 01634 543123 ext 5764
Email E.Fisher@stjohnfisher.school
Centre Number 61217

Student examination information

There are so many important rules and arrangements to remember when it comes to exams. The candidate examinations handbook is designed to aid candidates and students in both the preparation for and participation during exam days.

Click here to download Student Exam Handbook

Letter and Examination Timetables

Copies of our internal and external examination timetables and accompanying letters will be added here through the academic year. These timetables will be generic and will include all examinations for all subjects. Students will be given their individual examination timetables, which will only include the exams they are sitting, during registration two weeks before the first exam. Parents/carers will be notified via parent mail if their son or daughter has an upcoming exam. It is the students’ responsibility to look after their timetable and familiarise themselves with their exam room and seat. Copies of these individual timetables will not be sent home, however parents/carers can request a copy by contacting the school. Additional copies can be printed at a cost of 10p.

Click Here to download the Summer 2023 exam timetable


JCQ Notices and Exam related information



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