As of Tuesday 19th April, we are launching the SchoolVue Parent module for all year 7 pupils. This module will allow for up-to-date information about your child to always be easily accessible to you.

By accessing the module, you will have the following information: –

  • Organiser, this will show you the lessons and extracurricular activities specific to your child.
  • Attendance, this shows live information about your child’s attendance.
  • Absence reporting, this allows you to report absence to the school.
  • Classes, this shows which class and teachers your child has.
  • Reports, this is the progress data for your child.
  • Praise and behaviour, this allows you to see the praise and behaviour slips for your child.
  • Student Engagement, this shows the clubs, trips, and challenges that your child can complete.

A short video giving you an overview of the module can be seen here.

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