St. John Fisher Catholic School aims to provide students with a broad and balanced curriculum. Students will study the core subjects: English, mathematics, science, citizenship, religious education and physical education.
During our two-year Key Stage 3 students will also study humanities, French, computing and a range of creative art subjects including; design technology, art and performing arts. When students move from the lower site to the upper site in Year 9 they will focus specifically on their chosen subjects. Students will choose from a wide range of exciting subjects such as sociology, food technology, history, sport studies and many more.
Students at St. John Fisher School can expect to be developed academically by engaging experiences in a range of subjects. Throughout the school day the students will be given the opportunity to explore the spiritual, moral, cultural and physical aspects of learning. Collective worship takes place during year group assemblies and in lessons. Students are given the opportunity to take part in prayers and reflections throughout the school day in lessons.

Embedded within the curriculum is a weekly session dedicated to personal, social, health and economic education (PSHE). This is designed to ensure all students acquire a sound knowledge of personal and social wellbeing.

Please contact the school office to discuss the curriculum offer:

How is the time allocated to learning?
All students follow a one-week timetable with 24 lessons each being 65 minutes long, we also have a morning registration which is 20 minutes at the start of the school day. Students are divided into houses for their form time, but will be in learning sets for their core subjects.
Please see the curriculum offer detailed below by key stage.

2017/18 Years 7 and 8 Curriculum (Key Stage 3):
The table below details the subjects in Year 7 and 8, as well as the number of lessons per week (out of 24 lessons) dedicated to each subject.

Optional Subjects Year 07 Year 8
English 3 3
Maths 3 3
Art 1 1
Design Technology 2 2
French 1 1
Computing 1 1
Humanities 2 2
Performing Arts 1 1
Physical Education and Sport 2 2
Religious Education 2 2
Science 3 3

During Year 8, students will make their GCSE and Vocational choices.

2017/18 Years 9 to 11 Curriculum (Key Stage 4):
All students will study English (4 hours), mathematics (4 hours), science (4 hours),
religious education (2 hours), sport (1 hour) and PSHE (1 hour).
In addition to the core subjects, students will be able to choose (depending on their pathway) from the following optional subjects:

Optional Subjects Year 09 Year 10 Year 11
Art 3 3 2
Business 3 2 3
Food & Cookery 3 3 2
Product Design & Craft 3 3 2
French 2 3 3
History 3 3 2
Geography 2 3 3
Health & Social Care 3 2 3
Computer Science 2 3 3
Media Studies N/A 3 3
Performing Arts 3 2 3
Physical Education and Sport 3 2 2
Sociology 3 3 2
Travel and Tourism 2 3 3

The numbers in the table indicate lessons per week.

2017/18 Years 12 to 13 Curriculum (Key Stage 5):
We are proud of our exceptional results for key stage 5 built on a foundation of high quality teaching and curriculum design. Please click the link below to view our Sixth Form section of the website.
Sixth Form