Internet Safety


With the increased use of the internet at present, we thought it may be useful to remind parents of a few tips for monitoring your children’s activity:

  • Ensure that all privacy settings on social media accounts are set to their highest level. This means that anything posted can only be viewed by accepted contacts. All social media platforms have a help menu to guide you through this process. This link takes you through the process for a number of the more widely used platforms.
  • Continue to speak to your children about their use of the internet and remind them that they can speak to you or another trusted adult if they are worried about anything they have seen or read.
  • Regular monitoring of their social media usage is advised. If you come across any posts, messages or images that concern you, this link will provide you with guidance on how and where to report your concern.
  • Finally, please remind your children that it is their responsibility to ensure that they are being polite, considerate and respectful towards others when messaging and posting on their social media accounts- in a world where you can be anything, be kind.


Below are some further links that offer support and guidance on keeping your children safe online:


We would also like to remind you that, used correctly, the internet is a safe and valuable tool to help children keep in contact with friends and relatives and continue to complete learning tasks from home.


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