School Chaplain

Mrs C Drain is the school’s Lay Chaplain

The Chaplain, through her work and witness, contributes to the spiritual and pastoral care of all members of the school community.  She helps to implement the school vision statement and works with the Headteacher in leading and developing the Catholic life of the school, nurturing the faith formation and liturgical life of the school community. The Chaplain also works with the Religious Education team and other subject areas where appropriate.

The Chaplain as witness

  • Helps people to recognise God’s love for them and their need of God
  • Inspires through example
  • Ensures that students enjoy their experience of the religious heart of the school and recognise development in their own faith
  • Encourages staff and pupils to live the faith by being involved in projects relating to social justice, national and global citizenship

The Chaplain as pastor

  • Is visible and approachable around the school for students and staff (in recreational areas)
  • Accompanies students and staff at particular stages of their journey through life
  • Gets to know people individually
  • Supports the Headteacher in her role as faith leader in school

The Chaplain as leader

  • Supports and further develop the spiritual, religious and liturgical life of the school.
  • Offers opportunities of prayer for staff and students.
  • Develops suitable activities to mark and celebrate the major feasts and seasons of the Church
  • Supports staff and pupils in their planning, preparation and leading of liturgies and collective worship
  • Helps with the provision of suitable resources for the prayer life and worship of the school
  • Ensures the school environment and displays reflect the school’s Catholic Christian identity
  • Promotes and care for both the lower and upper school Chapel as a sacred space
  • Develops a school retreat programme for pupils
  • Supports students to participate in the sacramental life of the Church, where appropriate
  • Celebrates and share the faith life of the school with the wider community
  • Includes the local parishes in school celebrations, where appropriate
  • Helps with sensitive issues, advising on the Church’s teaching

The Chaplain as educator

  • Supports and enhances the Religious Education curriculum, where appropriate
  • Undertakes student group work, where appropriate
  • Liaises with other areas of the school, for example, performing arts, to support liturgical and spiritual experiences 
  • Is involved where appropriate and where directed in the curriculum 
  • Ensures that students make a positive contribution in the school community and beyond through charity work, participating in liturgy and working with outside communities

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