Supporting Learning When Students are Absent

If a student is absent from school they will be able to access work, including lessons taking place that day, using MSTeams. Every child in the school has a Microsoft Teams account. Students have been shown how to access these accounts as part of their ICT lessons. In their Teams account there is a “team” for each of their subject areas. For each lesson that takes place in school, the resources for this lesson are uploaded to the relevant class team.

As well as being a useful resource allowing students to keep up with their learning if they are absent, these lessons also provide a bank of resources that can be used for revision and consolidation of learning.

Full details of how to access Teams, how to access where the lesson resources are stored, and more general guidance including ‘how-to’ videos is available below.

Details on how to access and use TEAMs is included in the file “How to access Microsoft Teams”.

Accessing Microsoft Teams for Students

Engaging with Live Lessons, Resources and Assignments

Devices and Internet


If your child does not have access to a device in order to attend remote learning opportunities, please contact Mr Willsher at the school on to make a request. We have a limited number of devices provided by the government and may be able to provide one, should your child meet certain criteria. We are working hard to ensure everybody who requires a device to engage with remote learning receives one.

Microsoft Teams can be accessed on a wide variety of devices. It can be accessed through computers, tablets and phones and can also be accessed through games consoles including Xbox (One and Series X) and PlayStation (4 & 5). The link below is for a YouTube video explaining how an Xbox or PlayStation can be used to access MS Teams.


We are aware that some parents will not have access to traditional wired broadband and will be accessing the internet via a mobile device. The DfE has recently introduced a scheme by which mobile customers on certain networks can gain access to free additional data during the lockdown period. I include a list of the providers and the conditions below. If you subscribe to one of these networks and do not have access to a traditional broadband network, please email with the following information:


  • Name of Child
  • Name of Account Holder
  • Mobile number (for the account that should receive extra data)
  • Mobile Network
  • Contract or Pay as you Go.

This data will be submitted by the school and you will receive a notification from your provider once the additional data is activated. A number of these networks have caps in places for these offers and it should be noted that additional data is at the discretion of the mobile operator, not the school.

If you do not have wired broadband and the above offers will be of no help, please email using the subject line INTERNET.

Please include the name of the child, confirmation that you do not have access to wired broadband and a brief outline of your remote learning circumstances. There is the ability for the school to apply for mobile broadband ‘dongles’ through the DfE.

These devices are subject to certain criteria that are outside of the school’s control. You will be notified if the school’s application on your behalf has been successful.

Other resources to support learning

There are two new sources of online learning available to students and parents, one from BBC bitesize  and one from ‘Oak National Academy’ which has been set up by the DfE We have looked at the resources on these sites and they are really high quality. BBC bitesize, in particular, has tutorial videos, excerpts from textbooks, and exam questions from the exam board of the child’s choosing. It also has video lessons that can be found on BBC iplayer.

Both of these resource banks are based around a virtual curriculum with lessons released day by day (bitesize uploads week by week). Some of our teachers may be using parts of these lessons if it fits into what they need to teach. If you would like extra activities for your child please do give them a look, they are interesting and informative.