We are using the Show My Homework platform as a way for teachers to set online work that follows our existing curriculum. In addition to this we are supplementing the lessons placed on SMHW with ‘live lessons’ using Microsoft Teams. Further details about these two types of lessons follows. If you or your child are having difficulty accessing online work, please let the member of staff know during your Keeping in Touch call or by contacting the school directly. We will aim to support you with log in procedures or arrange alternative work if necessary.

Show My Homework (SMHW)

Thank you for continuing to support your children with their work on SMHW. Teachers are setting an equivalent amount of work to the number of lessons they would normally teach. E.g. If your child has three science lessons a week, they will receive three hours of science work per week.

Teachers will be assessing a piece of work every four to six lessons. This means that some work will not need to be submitted. The pieces of work that will need to be submitted are labelled as “online submission”. Feedback for these pieces of work might come in the form of comments from the teacher, or in some cases will be automatically marked by the SMHW software (or other platforms like ‘educake’ or ‘Seneca’ and wrong answers identified to students). Pieces of work that do not need to be submitted will be labelled as “in class submission” as SMHW does not have an option for ‘submission is not necessary’.

We would like to reassure you that we appreciate that working from home is a challenge, and whilst it is important for your child to continue to engage with their learning, we understand that it is not necessarily easy. We have recently asked all teachers to ensure that work placed on SMHW is ‘staggered’ so that multiple pieces of work won’t appear all at once, and likewise, that deadlines are also staggered so that multiple pieces of work aren’t all due on the same day. If you do have any concerns, please speak to your child’s Pastoral Care Leader (PCL) as part of the regular Keeping in Touch calls and they will pass these on to the relevant teachers.

Live Learning

Live learning lessons are being offered at this time using the program Microsoft Teams. Please remember that these lessons will be advertised to students through their SJF email addresses, so please encourage them to check these. In addition, in future weeks we will be offering pre-recorded video lessons to support learning and we will update you on these in future messages.

The live learning sessions can be accessed using a computer, tablet or smartphone. No extra equipment is required. If your child is uncomfortable sharing live video of themselves, they can disable the video function or put in a different background. Instructions for doing this have been shared using your child’s school email address. We have in place policies and procedures to ensure appropriate online safety for both students and staff.

We would like to remind you that not all teachers will have the necessary IT equipment at home to carry out these sessions, so these will not be available from every teacher or every subject.

Other resources to support learning

There are two new sources of online learning available to students and parents, one from BBC bitesize  and one from ‘Oak National Academy’ which has been set up by the DfE We have looked at the resources on these sites and they are really high quality. BBC bitesize, in particular, has tutorial videos, excerpts from textbooks, and exam questions from the exam board of the child’s choosing. It also has video lessons that can be found on BBC iplayer.

Both of these resource banks are based around a virtual curriculum with lessons released day by day (bitesize uploads week by week). Some of our teachers may be using parts of these lessons if it fits into what they need to teach. If you would like extra activities for your child please do give them a look, they are interesting and informative.

Finally, don’t forget to exercise! I know many of our students and quite a few staff are taking part in Joe Wick’s daily exercise between 9am and 10am on weekdays.