Testing for COVID 19 in school

You will have seen in the news that all schools have been provided with equipment to carry out quick turnaround lateral flow tests for the COVID 19 test. From Monday 11th January it is our intention to test all staff that attend the school site on each day, and also to test all pupils that attend Key-Worker and Vulnerable pupil provision. With the number of people testing positive for COVID 19 across the country (and especially in the Medway area), the number of people in hospital, and sadly, the number of people dying it is vitally important that we use these tests to prevent the spread of the virus.

Attached to this letter is a consent form indicating that you are happy for this testing to take place. I would ask that if you are intending to send your child to school as part of the vulnerable/key worker provision that you either print off a hard copy of this form, complete it, and send it in to school with your child on Monday or copy and paste the completed form into an email and send it to a.norman@stjohnfisher.school. This form has been provided by the DfE and has not been changed by the school.

If the test result indicates that your child has tested positive for COVID 19 you will be informed and asked to collect your child from school. You will also receive a PCR test that can be completed at home and sent in the post to receive a confirmatory result

Consent Form

Privacy Notice – model school and college testing

Additional Information Parent Mail

Early Help

Early Help is a supportive service, exploring yours and your families’ wellbeing that will work with you to overcome challenges or issues. Early Help can access services and support from within their own service or via referral to relevant agencies e.g. counselling.

The Early Help service can make relevant referrals e.g. food bank, hygiene bank and are available during the summer break and beyond, so there are staff available Monday to Friday (9am to 5pm) and dependent on the support needed, you may be able to have a specific Early Help Worker to lead the support with you.

If you want to speak to a Hub directly to know what is available to you in your area you can call your local hub and ask to speak to their duty worker:

Strood Children and Family Hub – 01634 33 55 33

Chatham Children and Family Hub – 01634 33 88 33

Wayfield Children and Family Hub – 01634 33 77 33

Gillingham Children and Family Hub – 01634 33 88 77