Dear Parent/Carer

​I hope you and your family are well and coping in these difficult times. I would like to share with you some updates to support our school community.​

We are sharing more and more messages via our Twitter and our Facebook, and also on our school website If you have any material for either of these feeds, please contact Miss V Walker on with details. Over the coming weeks we will be sharing messages from staff to parents and students. Please keep a look out for these. ​


On the website, there is a PDF document produced by the charity ‘Mind’. It contains guidance on recognising the symptoms of anxiety, practical strategies to support and cope with anxiety, as well as website and contact details for a range or organisations that can provide support. Please have a look through and I hope you find it useful.​


Thank you for your continued support and encouragement of the school and your children with the work that is being set on Show My Homework (SMHW). Supporting learning at home is not easy and the way that our students have engaged with it so far has been very positive.​

As I mentioned in a previous email, teachers are setting an equivalent amount of work to the number of lessons they would normally teach. E.g. If your child has three science lessons a week, they will receive three hours of science work per week.​

Teachers will be assessing a piece of work every four to six lessons. This means that some work will not need to be submitted. The pieces of work that will need to be submitted will be clearly labelled. Feedback for these pieces of work might come in the form of comments from the teacher, or in some cases will be automatically marked by the SMHW software (or other platforms like ‘educake’ or ‘Seneca’ and wrong answers identified to students.​


I wanted to take this opportunity to clarify how we are using our “Behaviour Watch” system at this time as I know many of you will have received various notifications from Behaviour Watch which may have included ‘yellow’ negative slips.​

In the current situation our teaching staff are working from home, setting and responding to work as well as developing our curriculum for next year. They are also monitoring the uptake and submission of work from the students they teach. Where they are concerned about students engaging with SMHW they are passing these concerns onto our pastoral team who are making regular calls to all our families. Teachers are not making these calls themselves to avoid the potential for multiple calls being placed to a family from different teachers. These calls are designed to be supportive, we know that there are many potential reasons why work may not be submitted, ranging from ICT issues through to having to prioritise limited time.​

Teachers are passing this information onto the pastoral team using the yellow slips on behaviour watch as an efficient way of allowing the PCL to get a picture of how well SMHW is working for your child before making the call, and allowing them to check on things like internet and computer access. It is not being used as a way to address behaviour at this time. As of this week, we have disabled the automatic notification function on behaviour watch and also turned off the negative points that would normally be associated with these slips. We have retained the ability to notify you of positive behaviour watch slips.​

If you have received any of these types of notifications I want to assure you that your child’s behaviour record will not be affected by this and the deduction of any points to date will be rectified.​

I would like to apologise for any upset this has caused. If you have any further questions please contact Mr I Jordan on​


Live learning using Microsoft Teams has started this week for year 12 and year 10 classes. Guidance on how to take part safely in live learning sessions has been sent to all students via their St. John Fisher email address. If a teacher is scheduling a live learning session they will send an email to your child’s school email as well as posting a notification on SMHW. Please do encourage your child to check their emails and look out for these opportunities.​

The live learning sessions can be accessed using a computer, tablet or smartphone. No extra equipment is required. If your child is uncomfortable sharing live video of themselves, they can disable the video function or put in a different background. Instructions for doing this have been shared using your child’s school email address.​

We hope to be extending these sessions to other year groups next week, so please do keep checking SMHW and your child’s school email address. I would like to remind you that not all teachers will have the necessary IT equipment at home to carry out these sessions so these will not be available from every teacher or every subject.​

Student and Parent Quiz​

We would love you to get together with your children and try our subject quiz. You will find questions from many of the subjects we offer, some questions are based on the national curriculum, others not as much! You can see how you have done next week when we will publish the answers…no googling allowed!​

Subject Question Answer Space​

English: Who lived at Privet Drive? ​

Maths: How many sides does a Heptadecagon have? ​

Science: What is the first element in the periodic table? ​

RE: Who was Bishop of Rochester and regularly heard Katherine of Aragon’s (Henry VIIIs first wife) confession? ​

Geography: What geographical feature could be called an “oxbow” ​

History: VE day is on the 7th May but on what date did the second world begin for Great Britain. ​

Art Which impressionist famously painted water lilies?​

French: What does the phrase “C’est la vie” mean?​

Latin: “Caecilius est in horto” What does this phrase tell you about where Caecilius is? ​

DT Which famous Victorian engineer designed the Clifton suspension bridge in Bristol? ​

​PE: Who is the manager of Gillingham Football Club ​

Computing: What is the name of the code by which computers store information using only ‘1’s and ‘0’s ​

The school will be closed on the upcoming Bank Holiday (Friday 8th May). We will continue to keep you and your families in our thoughts and prayers at this difficult time.

Keep safe, ​

God bless,​

Mrs D Lennon​