We are writing to correct information published in Kent Live on 16th April claiming that St John Fisher Catholic Comprehensive School is ‘one of the poorest schools in Kent’. This article states that we had a revenue balance of around -£100,000 in the 2017-18 financial year, thereby implying we are running at a deficit. (https://www.kentlive.news/news/kent-news/poorest-schools-kent-just-how-2768165)

St John Fisher is not running at a deficit. This article is misleading as it does not provide any context. It does not include all money owed which has been received in 2018/19, taking the school out of deficit.

We further note that figures are not provided for schools which have converted to academies, after they made the transition. We suspect that this is because they follow different reporting rules with regards to financial transparency than local authority schools, not because they are any ‘richer’. This is not made clear in the article, which therefore provides incomplete and misleading information to the reader.

We want to assure parents and carers once again that we are not running a deficit budget. Please contact the school if you have any concerns on this matter.