Keeping in Touch (KIT) calls

Our Pastoral Care Leaders, Heads of Year and other school staff are regularly calling all our pupils to support their wellbeing and assist in accessing our programme of online lessons. As part of these calls our staff will speak to parents and carers as well as our young people. Please use these calls as an opportunity to ask questions, pass on the successes of your children and to raise any concerns or worries you may have.

Other ways we are keeping in touch

Staff at the school are continuing to keep in touch through video messages posted on our school website. If you haven’t already, I would suggest that you have a look using the link below.

These videos will continue over the coming days, and it has also been great to receive your video and photo submissions of you and your children’s life during lockdown. We would really like to keep receiving these and if you would be prepared to share photos or short videos (30 seconds or less) of you and your children’s life during lockdown, please submit this to Mr Bowers using

These videos could involve sporting activities, arts and crafts, cooking, or even as Mr Fisher demonstrated in his assembly, pets! Please be aware that we may share these videos and photos with our community using our Twitter page, Facebook page or website. Please only submit photos or videos if you consent to them being shared in this way.