St. John Fisher Feast Day

The day began with a whole school outdoor Mass celebrated by Fr. Baker, the local parish priest and supported by both the St. John Fisher Gospel Choir and school choir of 67 students.

Although the rain did threaten, spirits were certainly far from dampened. Covered with ponchos and oozing reverence and respect, the school community and VIPs (including politicians, the Director of Education for the Southwark Diocese, neighbouring headteachers and parent representatives, etc) gave thanks for the contribution St. John Fisher made to his faith, Rochester and education.

Students then went to further investigate the life of St. John Fisher and the recent successes of St. John Fisher School. During this time, the budding Lord Sugars took to work, setting up stalls to raise money for Demelza House. These stalls were a great success and saw a profit of over £700 and encouragement for the future of business enterprise.

Feast Your Eyes at St. John Fisher Catholic SchoolThe final stage of the feast day celebration consisted of a raving reward concert from a range of different up and coming and famous musical performers. After each performance, students had the opportunity to meet and greet the artists in the ‘publicity tent’. The range of acts was designed to please all tastes, from guitarist and singer/songwriter Harry to Manchester based band Tilly for the more acoustic/pop preference, a range of Grime acts including Kurt Collins who was a smash with the crowd, Smiler from London (who had just released his new single) and the famous Lisa Maffia and Romeo from So Solid Crew. Several of our students were invited to perform with the latter act as part of the school’s reward policy. One student stated, “This is actually the best day of my life!”

Feast Your Eyes at St. John Fisher Catholic SchoolThat night word spread further and the whole event was trending on Twitter, with the acts commenting on the amazing reception of the students and staff of St. John Fisher Catholic School.

Mr P Stock (Senior Assistant Headteacher and event organiser) stated, “St. John Fisher Catholic School is very similar to many of these acts. Many of us have become very successful but all members are consistently striving to be the best and ‘find the extraordinary in all of us’. This was the purpose of the day, to reward everyone for working so hard this academic year.”