This new specification of GCSE Science brings in some big changes to KS4 science. The content has been modified and added to; there is a new grading system and the removal of the coursework component. In place of the coursework pupils must now complete 16 required experiments over the duration of the course. It still encompasses biology, chemistry and physics and gives pupils the skills to think critically and to question the world around us.

Subject Teacher: 
Mr S Bowers –

Curriculum Outline

The content covered for the trilogy award (equivalent to 2 GCSEs) is below.

  • Biology
    • Cell biology
    • Organisation
    • Infection and response
    • Bioenergetics
    • Homeostasis and response
    • Inheritance, variation and evolution
    • Ecology
  • Chemistry
    • Atomic structure and the periodic table
    • Bonding, structure, and the properties of matter
    • Quantitative chemistry
    • Chemical changes
    • Energy changes
    • The rate and extent of chemical change
    • Organic chemistry
    • Chemical analysis
    • Chemistry of the atmosphere
  • Physics
    • Using resources
    • Forces
    • Energy
    • Waves
    • Electricity
    • Magnetism and electromagnetism
    • Particle model of matter
    • Atomic structure

Key Stage Taught (Yes / No)
Key Stage 3 No
Key Stage 4 Yes
Key Stage 5 No

Examination Information
Official name of course Qualification Level Exam Board
GCSE Combined Science Trilogy GCSE AQA