The aim of the MFL department is to develop students’ ability to communicate effectively and to develop their understanding of other cultures. We pride ourselves in providing our students with the capacity to interact with native speakers of French and other languages in the United Kingdom or abroad.

In Year 7 students study French. At the end of the second year students have the chance to continue with it in Year 9 as a GCSE subject.
Lessons encourage students to experiment with language structures and take risks in a safe environment. Students work in pairs and in groups as well as independently. We expect students to communicate effectively and become understanding and caring citizens. This is achieved through challenging language practices and discussions on personal and global issues.

Resources such as textbooks and interactive resources and the internet are embedded in the learning of MFL, together with games and competitions. Films or series and music in the foreign language are also part of the lessons in order to enhance the students’ listening skills but also their understanding and learning of the foreign culture. Every room is equipped with an interactive whiteboard and has links to the internet and the school network where MFL resources are saved and shared.

For those students who have a native or fluent knowledge of another language it is possible to take the GCSE in that language by special arrangement. GCSEs are available for: Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Polish, German, Bengali, Punjabi.

Curriculum Outline
  • Key Stage 3
    • Year 7: Me, myself and I, My family and friends; homes; towns; hobbies.
    • Year 8: School life; A typical day in the life of, more family and more on friends, body parts and illness and food.
  • Key Stage 4
    • GCSE full course with AQA in French takes three years at the end of which students take their exams in: listening, reading, speaking and writing. The four papers all weigh 25% towards the final grade. Throughout the years the main themes and subtopics learnt are the following:
      • Theme 1: Identity and culture
      • Topic 1: Me, my family and friends
      • Topic 2: Technology in everyday life
      • Topic 3: Free-time activities
      • Topic 4: Customs and festivals in French-speaking countries/communities
      • Theme 2: Local, national, international and global areas of interest
      • Topic 1: Home, town, neighbourhood and region
      • Topic 2: Social issues
      • Topic 3: Global issues
      • Topic 4: Travel and tourism
      • Theme 3: Current and future study and employment
      • Topic 1: My studies
      • Topic 2: Life at school/college
      • Topic 3: Education post-16
      • Topic 4: Jobs, career choices and ambitions

Key Stage Taught (Yes / No)
Key Stage 3 Yes
Key Stage 4 Yes
Key Stage 5 No

Examination Information
Official name of course Qualification Level Exam Board
French (full course) GCSE AQA