History is both interesting and useful!

As a history student you have to build up a picture from the evidence that has been left. You have to become skilled at asking questions.

You will learn not to take everything at face value. You have to develop empathy and understanding of the actions and achievements of others; you have to be prepared to put your case and argue it well; you have to use evidence to draw conclusions and make judgements.

These skills are highly desirable in many different careers: law, medicine, business, teaching, finance, accountancy, tourism, town planning, librarian, politics, journalism, T.V research, archaeology, publishing, retail.

Subject Teacher: Ms S Deans 
Ms S Morris 
Mr M Roberts 
Mrs C Bowler


Curriculum Outline
    • Year 7:
      • Local History – Invaders and settlers – Tudors – Stuarts – African Cultures – Slavery – Civil Rights Movement
    • Year 8:
      • The Industrial Revolution, World War One, World War Two, Holocaust After WWII

EDEXCEL History GCSE 1-9

Year Unit
9 Medicine in Britain C.1250 – present – Historic Enviroment: The Western Front
10 Henry VIII and his Ministers – British America
11 Weimar and Nazi Germany 1918-39


KS5 AQA 7041/7042

Year Unit
12 A/S History. AQA. 7041

  • Unit1C: Tudors England 1485-1547
  • Unit20: The Weimar Republic 1918 – 1933
13 A Level History. AQA. 7074

  • Unit 20: Democracy and Nazism. Germany 1918-45
  • Unit 3: History Investigation. A personal Study Based on a topic of the Students Choice.

Key Stage Taught (Yes / No)
Key Stage 3 Yes
Key Stage 4 Yes
Key Stage 5 Yes


Examination Information
Official name of course Qualification Level Exam Board
History 1-9 GCSE Edexcel
History AS Level AQA
History A Level AQA