Media Studies- GCSE

This course is designed to allow media students to draw on their existing, daily experiences of the media and to develop their abilities to explore as well as create media. It enables them to analyse and produce a wide variety of texts (including digital media technologies) and to draw on the fundamental concepts informing the study of the media. Students will look at media texts, organisations and their audiences/users.

Media Studies – A Level

A Level Media Studies is designed to encourage students to respond critically to the media. This course draws on their existing experience, whether this includes a Media GCSE or their daily experience and interest in a range of media platforms.

The specification encourages creative work to enable students to gain a greater appreciation of the media through their own production. At A2 in particular, students are given the opportunity to research a topic which will then form the basis for their production, thus encouraging an awareness of contemporary media issues.

The wide range of media to be explored and potentially created means that students will be developing their understanding of most notably moral, ethical, social, economic and cultural issues.

Subject Teacher: 
Ms D Girvan

Curriculum Outline

Year 9 Media Studies 
Students will study a range of media platforms and texts. Their focus will be on audience, representation and organisations within the following genres: music videos, video games, film, advertisement, radio, TV, magazines and social media. Each term students will complete one exam style assessment and one production piece.

GCSE Media Studies 
Students will complete coursework and preparation for their final exams.

Their coursework includes: two textual investigations (totalling 20% of the GCSE) and one media production that consists of research, planning, production and an evaluation (totalling 40% of the GCSE).

Revision for their summer exam (40% of the GCSE) will then take place. Students will study a range of media platforms, with each year group having a specified media genre to focus on.

AS Level Media Studies 
Students will have to create their own Media text, as well as prepare for a summer exam.

Exam: Media Representations and Responses (50%) 
There will be three compulsory questions, including one question on unseen audio-visual or print based material.

Media Production (50%) 
There are three components that need to be completed: one pre-production; one production which develops from the pre-production; and one report on the production process.

A Level Media Studies 

Media Investigation & Production (50%) 
There are three components that need to be completed: a written investigation; a media production; and an evaluation of how the production is informed by the investigative research.

Exam: Text, Industry and Audience (50%) 
There will be three questions based on a range of media industries.

Key Stage Taught (Yes / No)
Key Stage 3 Yes
Key Stage 4 Yes
Key Stage 5 Yes

Examination Information
Official name of course Qualification Level Exam Board
Media Studies GCSE WJEC
Media Studies A Level WJEC