Students are introduced to a range of 2D and 3D skills to enable them to communicate their creative ideas to others. They will explore and experience a range of tools, equipment and machinery that will aid them in developing their practical skills. Students will investigate a range of materials, products and the work of others to develop their own design decisions while exploring ideas. Activities are stimulating, challenging and vary in duration and complexity. 
As students develop, they work on a series of short projects to develop and demonstrate skills. Ultimately students are encouraged to develop their critical evaluation skills which they can employ in a variety of techniques; aesthetics, economic, environmental, social and cultural contexts. As a result they will become independent, self-motivated adults, ready for a career or university.

Subject Teacher: 
Mr A Darby

Curriculum Outline

Key Stage 3 
Key focus: 

  • The ability to communicate ideas visually using sketching and model making.
  • Researching, analysing and evaluating.
  • Design decision and solutions.
  • Social, moral and environmental implications.
  • Health and Safety in the workshop, using basic hand tools and fixed machinery.
  • Practical skills and manufacture.
  • Materials, uses and characteristics.
  • Basic food hygiene, nutrition and cooking skills.

Key Stage 4 
At Key Stage 4 we deliver the NCFE Level 2 Certificate in Creative Crafts, this course is equivalent to other level 2 qualifications such as GCSE, but offers our students greater opportunity to develop themselves and succeed within the subject. In Year 9 the course is focused on building on their skills from KS3, developing their 2D and 3D communication, design development and a more demanding level of make. Students are introduced to Computer Aided Design and Manufacture, Design Movements and Designers, more sophisticated hand tools and machinery. Students grow to be independent learners. 
Years 10 and 11 focus on their coursework where they develop a product based on real life scenarios, enterprising and marketing. Students will also complete a vocational exam where they are expected to design and develop an item for the chosen theme or focus.

The course comprises of three internally assessed units and one externally set unit, each are equally weighted.

  • Unit 1 – Exploring craft and enterprising skills (internal)
  • Unit 2 – Research and develop design ideas for craft items (internal)
  • Unit 3 – Respond to a craft brief (external)
  • Unit 4 – Produce final craft work (internal)

At the end of the course students are awarded with a grade of Pass, Merit, Distinction or Distinction ∗

Key Stage 5 
At Key Stage 5 we deliver AQA A Level Product Design.

Year. 12 is designed to offer learners opportunity to study, propose and realise prototype solutions that are closely linked to real world product manufacture, in a range of material areas. Students are given opportunities to continue their studies in relation to design and further develop their skills of product progression. Students are encouraged to take control of their own learning and influence the direction in which it takes them.

Year. 13 is designed to encourage learners to be innovative, creative and to develop their ability to design and make high quality products. Through their studies; they will develop an awareness of the significance of design and technology on society, while also understanding about production and industrial practices.

Key Stage Taught (Yes / No)
Key Stage 3 Yes
Key Stage 4 Yes
Key Stage 5 Yes

Examination Information
Official name of course Qualification Level Exam Board
Level 2 Certificate in Creative Crafts NCFE AQA
A Level Product Design AS/A2 AQA